All goods leaving Mint Soda do so in perfect condition. Any goods arriving at their destination damaged must be reported within 24 hours of arrival. Only if Mint Soda has been notified of any damages within the specified peroid of time will Mint Soda replace those particular damaged items.

No responsibility is accepted by our company for any lost, stolen or damaged items that are shipped using Australia Post. Mint Soda recommends insurance.

Mint Soda will not accept responsibilty for any items damaged as a result of neglect or inadequae storage, including direct sunlight, dampness heat and spilliages. As a number of our products are hand crafted, these items may vary slightly from individual item to individual item.

Mint Soda reserves the right to substitie any particular part of any individual handcrafted product with items of similar quality if it's required to do so. This will depend on availability of certain components of certain products. If this occurs Mint Soda will notify the customer.

Mint Soda accepts no responsibilty for health issues or injuries sustained from using our products, or food issues arrising due to individuals food related allergies. It is your responsibilty as our customer to advice us of any individuals such as food allergies. While most of our products have age recommendations this is only to be used as a guide and not all of Mint Soda's products are age specific and parents descretion at all times is recommended when children are using these products.

Receipt of a deposit on your order is considered as your acceptance of  Mint Soda teams & condtions.